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Things Start to Escalate in Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 8

George R.R. Martin on Sansa’s Twist in Game of Thrones Season 5
If Game of Thrones Season 5 is Over: What’s Next?

In the episode 7, The Gift, Cersei finally learns that karma does exist, and although some of the viewers don’t really like the way the show is going – and the plot is leading to – they find that some of the scenes from this episode 7 are quite surprising and fun. And it seems that things are escalating and (probably) will get interesting from that moment forward – well, hopefully. Some of the viewers have decided to quit watching the show, so HBO and the people behind the scene should do something quick about it.

We are going to discuss some of the scenes from Game of Thrones season 5 episode 8, so be aware that there are going to be loads of spoilers around. stop reading if you haven’t seen the show or you want to know what’s going on by yourself; you have been warned.

So, the setting is around winter, but things are definitely heating up. After Lancel tells High Sparrow about Cersei’s misdemeanor, she is finally thrown into the jail. We’ve watched her manipulate almost everyone in the previous seasons, so it is rather satisfactorily to see her finally gets her turn. Karma does exist and now it is knocking on Cersei’s door. But as you can probably guess, she is always defiant and defensive as ever…not admitting that she even does wrong things. So it should be interesting to see someone like her gets the taste of her own medicine.

You probably catch a glimpse about the Westeros religion, and other beliefs that they have. There are also other religious groups who are actually grappling on to power. So you get the idea of who’s the most powerful, who has the biggest and widest influence, and even who has the craziest and delusional fanatics.

There is also a story about Jon Snow who decides to work on an alliance with the Free Folk of Wildlings. Jon wants to upend and guard the Wildlings to the southern area of the Wall, most of his men object to the idea. Well, apparently, the bad blood between them hasn’t subsided yet, but since the commander is the one barking up order, they have no choices but to obey. It is apparent that there are some tensed moments between Jon and his men, and Jon and the Wildlings. Hopefully things are going well, especially with Karsi, a Wildlings woman – who is probably going to have romantic spark on Jon? Well, we don’t know for sure….for now.

And for Sansa….could she have more dire faith? It seems things are going under even after she marries Ramsay. After the betrayal she has to endure with Theon’s act, she plans to talk to him again – she has loads to say to him. But it also seems that she starts to have a plan on her own, so I can’t wait for her to finally do something and has more balls than Theon (literally speaking).

Daenerys has finally met Tyrion, presented by Jorah who is trying to get back to her and gaining her trust again. But will she trust him that easily again – and just like that? It should be interesting to watch.

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George R.R. Martin on Sansa’s Twist in Game of Thrones Season 5
If Game of Thrones Season 5 is Over: What’s Next?