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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2: Dark Wings, Dark Words

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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

game of thrones season 3 episode 2 fullWhile episode 1 is exciting, episode 2 slows down a bit with a lot of exposition. There are a few new characters who might make the non-book readers wonder. The story jumps around to almost everyone, except Dany and Stannis.

This episode shows us about trust. Bran, who is escaping Winterfell with Rickon, Osha, and Hodor, meets a brother-sister pair, the Reeds. Jojen Reed ever appeared in Bran’s dream and can tame Summer, Bran’s direwolf, easily. Bran then is asked to trust him and his sister, Meera. He also tells Bran about his power as a warg and teaches him to use it. This warg thing can also be found beyond the Wall, near Jon.

One of the Wildlings, Orell, is a warg who can enter an animal’s mind, which can give the Wildlings a good view on many things. Mance still can’t trust Jon fully though.

Away from other people, Brienne and Jaime still continue their journey to King’s Landing. On their way, they end up in a duel. The duel is stopped by Roose Bolton’s men, who come according to an “innocent” man who “sold” them to the Bolton’s men. They are probably taken to Harrenhal, as Roose Bolton is now in charge of the place, while Robb Stark is heading to Riverlands for his grandfather’s funeral. Robb is now with Talisa. However, none of his men really trust her, including his mother, who is always cold towards her. Speaking of Catelyn, she gets a heartbreaking moment when she feels guilty, that what happened to the Starks is because she can’t love Jon.

Although Catelyn is worried about her children, they’re actually doing fine. Arya and friends meet the Brotherhood Without Banners. They take them without killing them. Then Arya is spotted by the Hound and the Brotherhood knows that she’s a Lady. Meanwhile, Sansa is starting to trust Littlefinger, which is unbelievable because he is a big liar. Sansa then is invited by Margaery and her grandmother, Lady Olenna, who offers her lemon cakes and asks her to reveal Joffrey’s true nature. Margaery does well in the game, by knowing that Joffrey is a monster. She seduces him and uses her time with him well. Cersei is still cold towards Margaery. She warns her son not to fall into her game but she doesn’t have power over him anymore. As we know, Joffrey will always do as he pleases.

There isn’t so much action scene in this episode, only a short fighting scene between Brienne and Jaime. As it has been mentioned earlier, this episode is about trust. The characters are trapped inside a circle of who-to-trust-and-who-not, just like Cersei who doesn’t trust Margaery, Margaery who doesn’t trust Joffrey, Sansa who trusts anyone giving her lemon cakes, and Tyrion who doesn’t trust anyone. The episode presents a lot of exposition of everyone’s story by positioning the Boltons more, revealing Brienne and Jaime, following Robb, and revealing tortured Theon. It’s quite a strong episode.


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