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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 3: Walk of Punishment

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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

game of thrones season 3 episode 3 fullWe’re back again with episode 3. Just like episode 2, this episode explores everyone’s story but it is still not frantic in the pace. Although Jon and Stannis only get a little time, people at Riverrun and King’s Landing, and also Brienne and Jaime, get quite much time, which makes their story more thoughtful. More characters are introduced in this episode. There are the Tullys. Edmure Tully is Catelyn’s brother. In his father’s funeral, he is meant to shoot towards the funeral pyre but he misses. He is shoved aside by his uncle, the Black Fish, who gives the impression that he is the one who can manage him. Edmure is impatient. He refuses to obey Robb and he looks fucked up when finally Robb reveals his battle plans smartly.

Meanwhile, at the Council Meeting, Tywin keeps the chairs on one side. The Council members are “fighting” for position, while Cersei, as a Lannister, takes her own seat and place it at her father’s right hand. The there is Tyrion. He positions himself at the end of the table, making him equal and far from his father. He scrapes his chair so loudly and slowly before that.

Various characters get various degree of success in their scenes. Arya and Hot Pie have an engaging moment, while Jon’s scene is not established very well. Stannis’ scene, on the other hand, is short but intense, which shows us that he’s going mad from his defeat. We might also ask about his future. Meanwhile, the Crows stop at Craster’s again and we see that there is creepier scene. Finally, we are presented with Astapor’s scene, in which we can see hilarious translation of High Valyrian used by the master of the Unsullied. Dany agrees to trade a dragon for the Unsullied, which her advisors, Ser Jorah and Ser Barristan, disagree.

Jaime and Brienne rule the episode though. They really have good chemistry, even in the book as well. Jaime also undergoes a transition regarding his relationship with Brienne. Basically, he never cared about what happened to Brienne but here he starts to give advice to Brienne on her chance to get raped. He even “saves” her by telling the Bolton’s men that his father is rich with sapphires and will reward them if they do no harm to her. His plan works. Brienne is not raped. However, he loses his right hand in return, taken by one of the Bolton’s men.

“Walk of Punishment” is brilliant in visual storytelling. Probably it is because we have known the characters well and been comfortable with them, as we have been into the series further. However, this statement is not for the Tullys. They are new characters, but we can get to know them well since the first time we saw them. Overall, this is basically an excellent episode. We can see a lot of humor as well, coming from Bronn. This lets us have a bit of fun in the middle of the dark series.


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