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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5: Kissed by Fire

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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5“Kissed by Fire” reveals many things. The last episode was slower and gave more time for the characters, though not presenting a lot of stories. Here, we can see Jon Snow who finally has sex with Ygritte, even maybe invented oral sex. Sansa’s marriage plan with Loras is cancelled. Instead, she is handed to Tyrion, while Loras will marry Cersei. The Lord of Light has many works to do, starting from resurrecting Beric, freeing The Hound, and bewitching Stannis’ wife, Selyse, so that she just surrenders for everything Melisandre does.

Trust and friendship are growing in this episode. We can see it through Jaime and Brienne. They have a deep conversation while they are bathing – naked – about the time he became Kingslayer for the first time. He never told it to anyone, and here, he tells it to Brienne and asks her to call him “Jaime”. Jaime also presents us some of Targaryen lore through his monologue, as well as Stannis’ daughter, Shireen, who gives a book about Aegon to Davos, and Barristan and Jorah, who compare the past and the last Targaryen.

In the North, Jon and the Wildlings are moving to the south of the Wall. He is giving information to Orell about the castles at the Wall, before Ygritte takes him into a cave and here comes the invented oral sex mentioned before. She has trusted him, as he’s also starting to trust her. However, trust is not a thing for his brother, Robb, as he doesn’t trust any counsel. He follows his own will and ignores his family’s plea not to sentence Lord Karstark to death. Finally, he executes the lord by himself with one smooth cut. Finally Robb listens to his mother’s advice to visit the Freys and ask for their help. However, this doesn’t seem like a good idea after he broke his oath for something smaller before.

As for the Lannisters, they’re trying to secure their position in the kingdom by marriage. They make their way to Highgarden through Cersei and Joffrey, while securing the North through Tyrion. Surely, both Cersei and Tyrion are surprised, especially Cersei who always seemed to be paranoid about the Tyrells. Now she has to breed more children with one of them.

Another friendship is shown in this episode through Gendry and Arya, who are in different classes, and also through Shireen and Davos. She often escapes from the tower where she’s kept and visits Davos in the dungeon to chat with him. This episode still presents a lot of exposition. We see the Wildlings marching to the Wall. Robb is starting to negotiate with the Freys, although it actually doesn’t look very good. The Lannisters are setting marriage plot to secure their position more. Surely, they want power more. Then Roose Bolton is playing mind games with Brienne and Jaime, while his bastard son is torturing Theon at the Dreadfort. The character building in this season is surely excellent.


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