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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 8: Second Sons

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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 8As we always know, “Game of Thrones” is always full of stories. There are so many characters with different life and adventure. However, in this season we don’t really feel alienated from the world because we’ve been so deep into the stories. We know the characters and their problems. This season also presents us many great moments from the characters. The storytelling sometimes seems to be cracked but “Second Sons” does a good storytelling because it only reveals several stories. There is no Jon, or Robb, or Bran, or Jaime and Brienne, or Theon.

There are some changes in alliance between the characters. Arya who holds grudge to The Hound has to put aside her feeling towards him, since he promises her to take her to her family at the Twins. He also promises to keep her safe because he wants some payment from the Starks.

Far in the east, Dany says that she’ll destroy Yunkai if the slaves are not given freedom. She comes in contact with Mero, the captain of an army called the Second Sons. Mero seems to dishonor her and she asks Ser Barristan to kill him first in the battle. However, Mero is already gotten rid of before Ser Barristan lays his hand on him. One of Mero’s companions, Daario Naharis, kills Mero and the other companion first and presents their heads to Dany. He says to Dany that he and the Second Sons are willing to serve her. His true motive is still unclear, but Dany decides to trust him since she doesn’t have many choices. She desires power after all.

This episode shows a lot of talks. It might be the downside of the show, but “Second Sons” has done it pretty well. The talking scenes from Dany, Tyrion, and Tywin are done well and enrich the characters themselves. However, the talking scene is failed for Melisandre, Gendry, and the leeches. The Dragonstone scenes are always downsides of the show. Melisandre rarely has proper talks without turning into sex, and this episode might be set up to fill the lack of nudity in the last weeks. The only good moment is when Davos learns to read.

Now here comes Tyrion and Sansa’s wedding ceremony which is presented brilliantly. They both don’t desire the union, but they are not a bad match actually. We might not get anything new from the scene but it is still a good one. We can see that the characters have small conversations of planning and scheming, before they are dragged into the wedding that unites two pure souls together. Tyrion might not a bad husband for Sansa.

Finally in the North, the White Walkers have been the main threat. The series shows them more than the book. Here, we can see how brave Sam is by stabbing a white walker with the dragon glass. Indeed, the White Walkers thing is a serious threat. All the scheming in King’s Landing and the magic in the Dragonstone is not comparable to the danger coming from the white zombies. The Starks are right. Winter is coming.


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