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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 9: The Rains of Castamere

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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 9The Starks are always the protagonists of the series. There might be many houses in Westeros, but the Starks are shown as the lovely family, a family with loyalty and honor. The viewers mostly also spend time with the Starks. Although they are torn apart, each of them always gets their own stories told and all are important. The death of Ned in Season 1 was very hard, and this season also presents the same agony as we feel in Season 1. We know that nobody is safe in this series.

The Red Wedding is probably the most devastating moment in the whole series. Many viewers feel pain and shed tears because of it. It has actually been foreshadowed by Arya, who has been so close to the Twins. She anxiously keeps checking to the direction of the Twins. The Hound tells her that she becomes anxious because the closer she gets to her family, the greater her fear that the meeting won’t happen. The Starks were torn apart since Season 1 and in this episode, we see a cruel scene when Bran and Rickon is actually very close to Jon (only separated by a stone wall), but they never meet and keep going to different direction.

This episode describes things just like the book. The shocking impact of this episode is the same as that of the book. There are still some changes but they don’t change the terrifying effect, just like the Roose Bolton’s role. Many have already predicted the betrayal from the Freys and the assassination of Robb, but Roose’s part is a great surprise. The onscreen version of Catelyn can also express the real horror just like in the book, as the scene is told from Catelyn’s POV. The final scene involves Catelyn who slits Walder’s wife’s throat, and is continued by one of the Freys who slits her throat. The credits part is a total silence. Nothing is left to say.

This episode is indeed for the Starks. Lannisters, Theon, and other distracted things are left behind. Dany’s story, where Daario, Jorah, and Grey Worm sack the city of Yunkai, doesn’t give so much impact as The Red Wedding and it seems out of place. However, this scene is actually important, since it is related to the finale.

The “Song of Ice and Fire” series is different from other fantasy stories because of the Starks. Here, the good characters do not win. We can see that the Starks have a hard time and are tortured all the way in the series. It makes the series seems like it doesn’t have any heroes who will eventually save the day. It’s very depressing.

As we see from the three seasons, all the penultimate episodes have great impact and are powerful, starting from Ned’s death, to the Battle of Blackwater, and The Red Wedding. The Battle of Blackwater doesn’t have emotional impact just as the other two tough, while The Red Wedding is a destructive end of the King in the North and his march to the south. This episode is a reminder for us viewers, that nobody is safe here. Winter is coming.


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